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An uncomplicated service

We understand it has taken you a considerable process to come to an agreement, to invest in body corporate painting.

With many stakeholders involved such as body corporate managers, onsite managers, owners and investors etc, a decision then needs to be made, of who to entrust your hard earned sinking fund money to, for an investment of body corporate painting, that will last the test of time.

Our service area includes body corporate painting across North Brisbane, to the Gold Coast and other Shires in between.

No matter the size of the complex or complexity of the job, the team at PowerHouse Painting & Decorating are at your service for quality Body Corporate or Strata work

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The Process

So you’ve decided to go ahead with your body corporate painting project.  What can you expect?

Well, after so many years in the body corporate painting business, we have developed a simple, foolproof process that guarantees results every single time, without the stress of having your body corporate environment turned upside down.

Our body corporate painting quotes are obligation FREE.  Detailed with method, specifications, products and insurances etc.

Simply choose to arrange a date and time via:

  • Contact Us Form
    Enter your details and we will contact you and arrange a date
  • Phone
    Call during office hours 7am – 4pm on 07 32906749, or leave a message after hours and we will call you back

Body corporate painting colours are an important part of a properties branding.

Our expert Estimator has been assisting owners with Colours for over 30 years.

Providing you:

  • Solutions to the result you wish to achieve
  • Popular seasonal colour schemes
  • Discuss coverage of new colour over old
  • What the colour change will mean to the other finishes and items in your office building/warehouse
  • Colour consultant available on request

As a licenced QBCC Painting Company a contract will be put in place for any body corporate painting quote over $3300 including GST.

We use a basic contract which clearly outlines:

  • Our details
  • Your details
  • The quote, paint and colour specifications
  • Your cooling off period
  • Payment terms

We are obligated to inform you of a reasonable amount of time your body corporate painting job will take.  We have professional painters who can work efficiently to complete the job in a timely manner either during normal business hours, after hours or weekends.

We will provide you with:

  • A tentative start date
  • A tentative completion date
  • A call to confirm the start date and time
  • The names of our painters the day before we start

Communication is one of our key Customer Experiences our clients love.

Before, during and on completion of your body corporate painting job, we will inform you of what to expect:

  • How to prepare your work place environment before we arrive
  • Workplace Health and Safety documentation and preparation
  • How the painters will protect the work area
  • How we will leave the work area each day
  • How we inspect and check for quality before leaving

The pride and joy of your body corporate painting job is when it’s all yours, as we leave your business fresh and protected against the elements including:

  • Clean, tidy and dust free
  • Removing all building debris
  • Providing a form for confidential feedback

Revitalise Your Block

A body corporate situation is never a simple one; on top of an at times high cost, there are countless people to consider. If not handled by capable body corporate painters and contractors, the most minor changes can be nothing short a nightmare.

Thanks to PowerHouse Painting, body corporates all throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich have been able to keep costs under control and all parties pleased; we are here to help you empower your contained body corporate community with a bold new look.

“My Units were Fading and Becoming Boring, Powerhouse Solved that.” – Jason Taylor 

We can help with:


  • Rebranding your premises;
  • Graffiti removal;
  • Renovations;
  • And so much more

Body Corporate  FAQ

After 35 years, we know your concerns.

We’ve been asked more questions than you can count. Our frank answers to some of the most common queries we get:

At PowerHouse Painting, presentation is our game. Call us on (07) 3290 6749 today to find out more about our affordable painting services.

Are you QBCC Licensed?

Yes we are.  In fact, we are eager to verify on request.  We advise that you always use a QBCC licensed contractor on any and all work and request proof they have paid the QBCC Home Warranty Insurance for their work on jobs over $3300.  Click to read the QBCC page for painting.

Do you have proof of past work?

Visit our gallery to see examples of all our residential work.  We are proud of all the work we have done over the past few decades and are all too happy to show it to you.  we encourage you to always check the previous work any painter you choose.

Do your quotes include details of the paints being used?

Yes.  Every quote we provide covers the type, colour and brand of paints to be used on the job.  This ensures that you have clear understanding of exactly what you are paying for.

Why a contract?

Not only is it a requirement to be QBCC licensed for any domestic painting work over $3,300, but it is also our license responsibility to put a contract in place for all work over $3,300.  It contains a clearly worded Contract Information Statement which we will explain on request.

Do you require a deposit?

PowerHouse Painting does not ask for a deposit for work under $3,300.  On such jobs, we only require you to pay on completion, and that’s all.  In terms of larger painting jobs, the Domestic Building Contracts Act 2000 requires that, if the value of the domestic painting work is for more than $3,300, but less than $20,000, you should never pay a deposit for more than 10% of the total contract price.

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